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XXXXXX Chan, enter the shallow waters at 4 feet and make our way towards the channel, surrounded by schools of sergeant majors, snappers and jacks. Occasionally, a gigantic sea turtle can be found feeding peacefully on the splendid green sea bed. The channel is approximately 30 feet deep. As we approach the deeper end, look out for the heavy weights dog-toothed snappers and elegant eagle rays – they like to hang out around here. Swim across the channel and there is a swim through you can drop 15 feet down – test your free diving skills here if you must. Before returning to the boat, be sure to look out for the green moray eels – they move swiftly in the waters!

At Shark Ray Alley, the water is approximately 8 feet in the area. While you get surrounded by the nurse sharks coming to the surface for their chum, don’t forget to look beneath you. The rays will be swimming at the seabed, feeding off the scraps dropped by the nurse sharks.

Come with Somos to explore one of the oldest marine reserves in a different way to begin your amazing day full of new experiXXXXXX


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  • 9:00 or 2:00  Boat ride from Somos to Hol Chan (1st stop)

  • 9:15 or 2:15  Snorkel at Hol Chan

  • 10:00 or 3:00  Light refreshment & snacks served onboard

  • 10:15 or 3:15  Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley (2nd stop)

  • 11:00 or 4:00  Exclusive rum punch served onboard on return trip

  • 11:15 or 4:15  Photo sharing at SXXXX




  • xxxx hour trip with 2 stops that bring you to Hol Chan & Shark Ray XXXX








  • XXXXChan: Barrier reef; big schooling fish, channel, pristine corals

  • Shark Ray Alley: Nurse shXXXX


  • XXXXde will be with you throughout the trip

  • Water will be provided onboard

  • Light refreshments & snacks served onboard

  • All snorkeling equipment included

  • Exclusive rum punch served onboard on return trip

  • Photo sharing at Somos

Highly encourage you to hang around Somos at the end of the trip to view the photos taken during the XXXXX

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