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Blue Hole

Belize’s Blue Hole is a large underwater sinkhole off its coast, isolated near the center of Lighthouse Reef. Forged out of solid rock as caverns hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is now a chasm 410 feet deep that is filled with tiny fragments of rock and over 900 feet in diameter.

Start the day by being comfortable in a spacious boat that takes you 2 hours out to the ocean. Look out as we pass Turneffe Atolls, a remarkable coral formation in the western Caribbean. At the Blue Hole, the water is approximately 30 feet deep. Snorkel around the ream of a dark circle and you will see corals and a slope of sand that drops into the pitch black. Once in a while, you might hear your heart pound loudly in your ears as you see the resident reef sharks sashay from the shadows. 

In a class of its own, at Half Moon Caye Wall, is a gentle sandy slope that gradually leads up to a drop off bordered by a crust of reef where playful turtles swim through its hidden tunnels. Step onto the island of Half Moon Caye for lunch and take a short hike along the shoreline to Booby Bird with hermit crabs and gigantic iguanas. Plunge into the water again at The Aquarium and be in awe of God’s magnificent fish tank as you get surrounded by colorful corals and schools of curious fish checking you out. 

Come with Somos to explore one of the world-class destinations in a different way to begin your amazing day full of new experiences.

per guest



  • 5:30 Come join us for freshly brewed coffee or cool refreshments on the dock

  • 6:00 Boat ride out from Somos to Blue Hole

  • 8:00 Snorkel at Blue Hole

  • 9:00 Service interval & boat ride to 2nd stop

  • 10:15 Snorkel at Half Moon Caye Wall

  • 11:30 Belizean lunch served at Half Moon Caye Island

  • 1:00 Hike along Half Moon Caye Island

  • 1:15 Snorkel at The Aquarium

  • 2:15 Yummy rum punch served on return trip

  • 4:30 Photo sharing at Somos

We highly encourage you to hang around Somos at the end of the trip to share the photos taken during the day.

P.S. Someone has to finish the rum punch anyway!


  • A full day trip with 3 stops that bring you to Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall and The Aquarium at Long Caye



  • Blue Hole: A chasm 410 feet deep

  • Half Moon Caye Wall: Crystal clear waters, high visibility

  • The Aquarium: High visibility, colorful reef, active marine life



  • Our guide will be with you during the trip

  • Exclusive! Our guide will be armed with a camera to capture the special moments of the trip

  • Light refreshments & snacks served on-board

  • Breakfast & lunch included

  • All snorkeling equipment included

  • Rum punch served at Somos upon return


  • $10 cash for park entrance fee

  • Minimum 4 people to launch (If you are one, no worries, we can usually fill the extra spaces)

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