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As the world-renown barrier reef in Belize unfolds before you, be impressed by the vast magnificent presence it holds underwater. The approximately 200-mile long Belize Barrier Reef forms part of the 600-mile long Mesoamerican Reef System, and is home to some of Earth’s largest atolls, diverse reef systems, vibrant marine habitats, and shelter to hundreds of small islands locally known as cays. Lean back, enter a whole new world at 60-120 feet filled with bustling marine ecosystems, against an impressive terrain of fragmented boulders, colonies of radiant coral formations and an abundance of swaying sea fans. Marvel at the brilliant canyon formations that have evolved over time, hang out with the big guys such as the snappers, groupers, sharks and eagle rays or watch the smaller marine life scurry past you without batting an eye. Glide from one end of a natural swim-through to your dive master waiting on the other end, all ready to snap that Instagram-worthy photo, at times getting photo bombed by a pod of dolphins.


per guest


  • 9:00 or 2:00  Boat ride from Somos to Hol Chan (1st stop)

  • 9:15 or 2:15  Snorkel at Hol Chan

  • 10:00 or 3:00  Light refreshment & snacks served onboard

  • 10:15 or 3:15  Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley (2nd stop)

  • 11:00 or 4:00  Exclusive rum punch served onboard on return trip

  • 11:15 or 4:15  Photo sharing at SXXXX



  • xxxx hour trip with 2 stops that bring you to Hol Chan & Shark Ray XXXX








  • XXXXChan: Barrier reef; big schooling fish, channel, pristine corals

  • Shark Ray Alley: Nurse shXXXX


  • XXXXde will be with you throughout the trip

  • Water will be provided onboard

  • Light refreshments & snacks served onboard

  • All snorkeling equipment included

  • Exclusive rum punch served onboard on return trip

  • Photo sharing at Somos

Highly encourage you to hang around Somos at the end of the trip to view the photos taken during the XXXXX

In an effort to help protect our environment, we do not consum single use plastic. As such, we encourage all divers and snorkelers to bring along their own reusable tumblers to enjoy their morning coffee/water and use throughout the day.

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