Secret Beach

First on the island to introduce the daily sea shuttle tours to the Secret Beach!

Somos reveals characteristics of the island that most tourists have never seen while cruising leisurely along the western coast towards the Secret Beach. 

We leave daily from point to point, on the hour, requiring a minimum of only one person to depart. 

Come with Somos to travel in a style that is enriching and fun, and most importantly, away from the fatigue of a standstill land traffic!

per guest



  • Departs from Somos:

10:15 am

12:15 pm

2:15 pm

  • Departs from Secret Beach:

11:15 am

1:15 pm

3:15 pm

5:15 pm


We highly encourage you to hang around Somos' patio to view/share the photos taken on other trips.


  • A swift 20 minute boat ride that takes you along the western coast to the Secret Beach.


  • Interesting characteristics about the western coast of Belize


  • ​​​Our guide will be with you throughout the trip

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