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Hol Chan Dive

As we arrive at Hol Chan we find ourselves in approximately 4 feet of water. Fall back off the side of the boat and in no-time you will find yourself surrounded by schools of jacks, snappers and sergeant majors. As we make our way down to the bottom of the 30 foot channel, check out the heavyweights such as the dog-tooth snappers and eagle rays – they like to hang out around here. Also, don’t forget the green moray eels – they are the swift ninjas in the sea. Occasionally, a big shark, “the neighborhood bully”, may ignore your presence as he boldly swims by while checking you out. Swim across the channel and there you can find a nice swim-through where your dive master will gladly snap that Instagram-worthy photo. Before returning to the boat, keep your eye out for the graceful sea turtle – he may be spotted nibbling peacefully on the sea grass.

At Shark Ray Alley, the water is approximately 8 feet deep in the area.  As you arrive, you can see nurse sharks averaging 4–6 feet in length rolling at the surface and sting rays with a ‘wing-span’ of about 2–4 feet combing the ocean floor. Be sure to contain your excitement while you enjoy the show.

Come with Somos to enjoy this underwater journey in the Caribbean realm in a different way to begin your amazing day full of new experiences.


per guest


  • 8:30 or 1:30 Come join us for freshly brewed coffee or cool refreshments on the dock

  • 9:00 or 2:00 Boat ride from Somos to Hol Chan (1st stop)

  • 9:15 or 2:15 Dive at Hol Chan

  • 10:00 or 3:00 Light refreshments & snacks served on-board

  • 10:15 or 3:15 Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley (2nd stop)

  • 11:00 or 4:00 Yummy rum punch served on return trip

  • 11:15 or 4:15 Photo sharing at Somos

We highly encourage you to hang around Somos at the end of the trip to share the photos taken during the day. 

P.S. Someone has to finish the rum punch anyway! 




  • A 2.5 hour trip with 2 stops that brings you to Hol Chan (dive) & Shark Ray Alley (snorkel)


  • Bustling marine ecosystems

  • Colonies of radiant coral formations

  • Channel crossing


  • Brilliant canyon formations

  • Dolphins, snappers, groupers, sharks, eagle rays

  • Natural swim-through


  • Our team will guide you throughout the trip

  • Exclusive! Your guide will be armed with a camera to capture the special moments of the trip

  • Light refreshments & snacks served on-board

  • Tanks & weights

  • Rum punch served at Somos upon return


  • Dive Certification required

  • $10 cash for park entrance fee


  • Rental of dive gear is available for additional $25 per set (Each set includes mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, BC)

  • Minimum 4 people to launch (If you are one, no worries, we can usually fill the extra spaces)

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