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Night Dive

Watch the beautiful sunset as the boat cruises into Hol Chan, a marine reserve situated on the world’s second largest reef. When the sun goes down, we switch on our flashlights, fall back into the water and see the nocturnal marine life come alive as they begin their day under the sea.

Let the beam of your light guide the snappers to feed on small marine life, or to check out the basket starfish that does her ‘morning’ stretch only after sunset. Be thrilled by the presence of an octopus who changes his color as he lurks along or catch the sleepy sea turtle taking a nap wedged under her rock. Experience the bio-luminescence that is most visible 3 days before and after the full moon – remember to wave your arm through the water and you’ll see a trail of sparkles light up before you.

Come with Somos to enjoy this underwater journey in the Caribbean realm in a different way to begin your amazing day full of new experiences.


per guest


  • 4:30 Come join us for cool refreshments on the dock

  • 5:00 Enjoy the sunset on the boat

  • 5:15 Night dive at Hol Chan

  • 7:00 Yummy rum punch served on return trip

  • 7:15 Photo sharing at Somos

We highly encourage you to hang around Somos at the end of the trip to share the photos taken during the day. 

P.S. Someone has to finish the rum punch anyway! 



  • A 2 hour trip stopping at Hol Chan just before the sun sets so that you can dive under the stars.


  • Dog-tooth snappers out on a hunt

  • Octopus changes its color on-the-go 


  • Bio-luminescence


  • Our team will guide you throughout the trip

  • Exclusive! Your guide will be armed with a camera to capture the special moments of the trip

  • Light refreshments & snacks served on-board

  • Tanks & weights

  • Rum punch served at Somos upon return


  • Dive Certification required

  • $10 cash for park entrance fee


  • Flashlight is available for additional $5


  • Rental of dive gear is available for additional $25 per set (Each set includes mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, BC)

  • Minimum 4 people to launch (If you are one, no worries, we can usually fill the extra spaces)

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